Technische Eigenschaften

Seit 2005 führt das Labor des Unternehmens „TAMAK“ außer Konformitätskontrollen des GOST 26816-86 zusätzlich noch Konformitätskontrollen an die Anforderungen der Euronorm EN 634-2 durch.

Alle physikalischen und mechanischen Eigenschaften werden von einem akkreditiertem Labor geprüft.


Linear expansion

In the construction and design it is necessary to take into account that the incidence of wood in the CBPB composition entails slight deviations in the linear dimensions of the plates in the context of temperature-humidity changes in the environment

The linear elongation of the TAMAK CBPB is 1.5 mm per 1 m. Therefore, in sheeting external vertical structures between the boards, it is necessary to leave the expansion joints (gaps) of 8 mm, and for the inner lining 4 mm.

In horizontal structures, for example, floors, the boards are laid without a gap between them. Thus between CBPB and walls it is necessary to provide a clearance of 10 mm around the perimeter of the room.

Attention! Linear operational changes in size do not adversely affect the quality and durability of CBPB.

The thermal properties of CBPB in Kaliningrad

CBPB, due to the organic connection of wood and cement, is a homogeneous monolithic material without any air entrapment, which provides high thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.216 W/mK.

Therefore, the greatest use of CBPB can be recorded in designs where a combination of high strength and low thermal resistance of the material is required.

Fireproof properties of CBPB in Kaliningrad

Due to their properties, CBPB are widely used in fire-fighting structures. According to Building Rules (SNiP) 21-01-97 CBPB have the flammability group G1 (low-combustible), which is confirmed by the Fire Safety Certificate No.SSPB.RU.OP031.Н.00091.

TAMAK CBPB belong to the group of difficult non-flammable materials of enhanced biostability and are intended for use in the construction of wall panels, slabs, suspended ceilings, ventilating boxes, in the installation of floors as well as window sills, linings, claddings and other construction products.

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